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Our trip to Vienna

My schoolmates, some of my teachers and I were in Vienna from the 1st to the 5th of June. There we could see many interesting buildings like the Stephansdome. It is very old and high. I was on the top of the church after more than 300 stairs.
We were also in „Schloss Schönbrunn“ and in the zoo. The animals there were really funny. Some of them I have never seen before.
The „House of Sea“ was also great. There were animals from the sea and some very tropical animals.
One day we went shopping in the „Maria Hilfer Straße“. It was really fascinating because there were so many shops.
For me the best thing was the „Donauturm“ and „The Prater“. We had a lot of fun there and I rode with a lot of rollercoasters.
The most boring thing for me was the musical „Rudolph“. I didn’t know why many girls said that this musical had been the highlight.
All in all Vienna is a great city but I couldn’t live there.


Aaron Schedler 4b